nina fuckin rules. (ninarules) wrote in the_boombox,
nina fuckin rules.

eh...its worth a shot :)

i figured this community was the perfect place to ask....

i'm actually pretty curious. whats one song that you love but hate admitting it??

much ♥
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avril lavigne- im with you

that pussy catdolls song dont u wish ur girlfriend was hot like me :-[
nothing new- ashlee simpson :(
welcome to my life - simple plan.

with you - jessica simpson.

i like simple plan
i guess i might as well answer my own

'penny and me' - hanson.

whatever! its a good song! ;)

omg yes the only other person that likes penny and me lol
LOL. no way! we're definitely the only two people that like it...or at least will admit to it. haha. :D

limb bizket - nookie
dancing alone - ashlee simpson

... :-[
yes patti yes stand up for our dirty secret lol
i'm so ashamed of


November 14 2005, 14:54:50 UTC 11 years ago

=o! patti i can't believe you!!

jk ;)
=o! patti i can't believe you!!

jk ;)
lmao..."shut up" from simple plan. kill me, it's so catchy.
"my alien" "shut up" "addicted to you" "so happy together" cover all by simple plan :( haha and nookie too oh and im with you by avril. haha um mmbop? by hanson :(