Eddy (vivalapunk5289) wrote in the_boombox,

sorry if it sounds like a repeat of an old question..but...

what makes a hit single a hit single?

cause in the topic about albums it says u need like 3 hit singles to go platnium n shit but what makes it a hit? what does the song need?
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A hit single is a hit single when a lot of hot babes are willing to flash their boobs when it's playing.
hmm i think if ur 1st single is upbeat and catchy.

but really the choice of song to put out is up to you. and ur NEVER gonna kno if the crowd will like it. It's like a game, 50/50 chance u either win or u lose.

Just don't ever become a one hit wonder O.O
>_<...that would suck to be a one hit wonder..but hmmm i think i rather be a one-hit than a nobody...actually amybe not..forget taht
some one hit wonders actually have talent though
yea...just no one cares cause most people are stupid